Poetry on Busses 2017

De entre mas de 1500 poemas enviados, el mío fue uno de los seleccionados para la convocatoria «YOUR BODY OF WATER», donde mi poema aparecerá tanto en la pagina web como en un transporte publico de la ciudad de Seattle, WA.


Dear Enmanuel,

Congratulations! Your poem “Mi Cuerpo de Agua” has been selected for the Poetry on Buses: Your Body of Water program! Your poem will appear both on public transit and on our website.

Please note that while all of the selected poems will appear online, only a limited number will appear on public transit. We’re excited that your poem will be published in both places—online, where each day for an entire year beginning in April 2017 we will feature a new poem (all poems then become a part of the Poetry on Buses: Your Body of Water online collection), as well as on public transit. We are currently looking to place poems on buses, Link light rail, and Seattle Streetcar. We will follow up with you in coming months to let you know on which mode of transit your poem will appear. We will also be in touch to verify the final layout and appearance of your poem prior to publication.

Your poem will appear online and on transit in the language in which you wrote it. In addition, we will have the poem professionally translated to English. All translations will be available on the website and some will appear alongside original poems on transit. Once your poem is translated, we will give you a chance to review the English version before it is published.

One final thing—you are invited to save the date for our launch party on Monday, April 24th, at the Moore Theatre! More details to come.

Thank you and congratulations again!

Warm regards,

The Poetry on Buses Team

Brennan Jernigan
4CULTURE | Public Art
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T 206 263.1587
101 Prefontaine Pl S  Seattle, WA   98104
advancing community through culture


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