I Am My Own Labyrinth

my landscapes were conceived,
and haughty
my hillsides rose up,
my ideas suddenly flowed
and my hairs
were a thousand serpents.
I was borne out of the ancient
bonfires of my demons
without the weighty vesture of my body,
then covered in alabaster was
my system,
in cosmic dust my core,
in marble and stone, gold and blasphemy,
and in ceremonial rite
my sacrament.
I am…
the shipwrecked eyes
of my father
and of my mother, her fragile spine,
my hands are from Aquarius,
my science inexact
and delicate
my silhouette hazy,
ancient is my blood
as ancient are my words
they are always written taciturnly,
time and again
my wandering words
time and again
are written, again
under the light of the moon.
I am my own labyrinth,
changeable, deep,
covered in mirrors, some broken
I am a thunderous voice
that pronounces curses,
I am destruction!
a smoldering footprint,
the eternal flame,
my labyrinth gobbles me up
wholly and verse-by-verse,
at times it spits me out and I escape in silences
but then I return
my labyrinth calls me
singing falsehoods
and I enter
into its boreal bosom.
are my landscapes and haughty
are my hillsides,
Castilian my ideas are born
and my hairs… a thousand serpents.


Translated by  Marie Garcia

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