The Woman inside

I sing to the girl who sleeps
between my eyebrows,
and between dreams of utopian cities
and hellish fears
she lies awake.
The torchlight woman
of my beaming eyes,
the one who grins, plays
in my unbridled hair,
the one in my arms,
the one in my legs,
the one who weaves gold and silver huipils
with my veins.

The crazy poet
who dances in my hands,
the barefoot warrior
who directs my footsteps,
the one who is born when I laugh,
the one who dies between my sobs,
the one who, running, escapes
in my desperate

I am a woman of linen,
woman of stone,
woman of mystic philosophy
and ethereal,
crazy woman!
the roaming wanderer
among frenzied words,
silhouette of dark rites,

I sing to the woman who lives
in my skin,
in my lips,
the sigh that fulminates
in every orgasm,
the erotic woman, naked
hidden within my sexes,
and blended into every moist kiss,
she becomes verse.

Fire does not burn her,
the moon idolizes her,
I sing to the woman inside who,
in an eternal verse of love,
dances, dances, and dances,


Translated by  Marie Garcia

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